7 thoughts on “To create a metrics program, first identify your goals

  1. Hi’
    I liked your post, most of all because you pointed out the main thing one should bear in mind before starting any action (on the internet, or anywhere else) :
    the first step is to figure out what your real goals are !
    Remember what Seneque (the famous latin philosopher) said : “No wind is favourable to a sailor who does not know what port he is making for”

    I posted something similar on my blog, one month ago (in french language, I’m sorry. Nevertheless, you may like the diagrams and pictures) :

  2. Yes! Those groups that develop FB (etc) just so they have ‘presense’ are missing a huge opportunity and could find themselves in “tail wagging dog” mode. Start with the end (goals) in mind and 1) the whole thing will practically design itself and 2) you’ll know when your efforts are a success.