• http://twitter.com/mark_mcguire Mark McGuire

    Greetings, J.D.

    These points make very good sense. And, yes, tools and media have to serve a strategy, which follows from clear goals and objectives. Often, we see organizations jumping on whatever bandwagon passes by with enough people in it to make a bit of noise. It’s not about the horse, it’s about riding. It’s not about the car, it’s about driving. And it’s not about social media, it’s about communication – and, ultimately, it’s about engagement.

    Thanks for a helpful post and a terrific website.

    Mark McGuire

    • http://www.socialmedia.biz/ JD Lasica

      Let’s hope strategy and engagement are the watchwords for 2012.

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    Good post and a fantastic read. You have raised some valid points.

  • http://www.poshsmartdesigns.com/ Josephine Tokarev

    Great article! I find that most of our clients pick too many of the social media platforms to start posting on from the very beginning. With posts lacking consistency it limits the conversion of potential readers to permanent readers.

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