• http://social.razoo.com/ Ifdy Perez

    Great tips, John! I’ve been hearing stuff about how Facebook’s News Feed is tricky to for pages to get onto. Any tips/thoughts on that?

    • http://johnhaydon.com John Haydon

      There are a lot of ways to “game the system” like pushing people to specific posts with email or sponsored stories. But yeah, updates from friends get way more airtime than updates from pages.

  • Roosmarijn

    Nice blog. One commend where I don’t agree: automatic feeds to your Facebook is something Facebook doesn’t like. These posts are less likely to show up in your fans timelines.

    • http://johnhaydon.com John Haydon

      @roosmarijn – True, very good point – but the payoff is saving time. You have to weigh the ding in edgerank alongside time saved. I’d recommend auto-posting via RSS in conjunction with manually updating the page.

  • http://www.BlitzMetrics.com Dennis Yu

    My advice to drive traffic to your facebook page– run ads.

    • http://johnhaydon.com John Haydon

      Dennis – this post is about driving traffic from the Page to your website. :-)

      • http://www.BlitzMetrics.com Dennis Yu

        Ah– John, you’re right! We’re so used to companies flat out not getting traffic to their Facebook page that then getting to the site is a secondary problem.

  • http://www.consultengh.com/blog Lindsey Engh

    Good post, but I’m guessing that with Facebook’s recent announcement of a new Page, a lot of these tips will become dated. For example, the new Page Timeline will probably no longer have a need for tabs – thoughts?


    • Cheryl Pullins

      I was about to post a question about that, as well with the new timeline changes.

  • Makkis

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