• Michael Cohn

    Great article and very timely as today we published an article on similar topic.
    Here it is, hopefully it will give your readers more ideas:


  • Freddy28

    Great article. We did all of this and put our ideas into an online pledge tool http://www.raiseathon.ca We used images, our story, etc and were able to share through social media, etc. our fundraising goal was blown out of the water.

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    Keep up the good job in posting very good topics.

  • http://www.projects2crowdfund.com/crowdfund-investments-how-safe-is-it/ Ian @ projects2crowdfund

    I agree, fundraising is not just about the money. I think to get the interest of people to support any fundraiser the story is the most important. How you present it to them will determine if it is compelling or not. Certainly to do one needs planning. Great hints you got here. Makes sense.

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