• http://gplus.to/chris.johnston chrisjohnston

    How old is this list? Cliqset doesn’t exist anymore and Grade Guru doesn’t work with the latest version of Firefox.

    • jdlasica

       @chrisjohnston Chris, thanks for the update. The writer was asked to verify that all of these tools were still current. I’ll update the article with the latest info. 

  • alexander_vazquez

    You should also have a look at an app called Hojoki. What it does is it integrates all your productivity apps such as Evernote, Twitter, GoogleDocs, and even more into one news-feed. Instead of having to log in to multiple accounts you can have them all available to you in one place. You can also create workspaces and invites others to share work and ideas. You should check it out.

  • iBe

    I’d recommend VocaTalk, a text-to-speech that generates mp3 with background music from any document, put it on iPhone/Android as podcast, upload to cloud.  Not only it increases your learning bandwidth, but also makes it incredibly fun and frees you from location.

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