• OakAlleyPlantation

    We use Instagram photos, but mostly we re-Pin nice photos from our visitors to our other social media sites, either from Instagram or from when they co-post to Twitter.  
    Haven’t found a valuable way to use Instagram directly, nor any statistically accurate way to measure results, but we know our Fans love seeing beautiful pictures of our historic site.

  • g9ine

    How do you feel about what we’re doing with Instagram at Compassion International (@compassion)? What strikes you about our photos and stream? Do you get a sense of who we are and what we’re about?

  • Sarah Janczak

    As always, thanks for the great post Beth! I’ve been keeping Instagram in the back of my head for new event engagement ideas, especially as I’m seeing all these great pics come through my stream from #bbcon. It’s really helpful to see how other nonprofits use the platform on a regular basis. Hopefully we’ll incorporate even more visual content on the regular, and especially at #13NTC.

  • twainmark191

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