November 14, 2012

How to automate Facebook content curation with PostPlanner

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John HaydonPostPlanner, the tool for managing content on Facebook, has powerful features that allow you to automate content curation. The service allows you to schedule posts for the different pages that you manage and optimizes content specifically for Facebook.

Nonprofits use their Facebook pages to engage potential donors and raise awareness, but organizations are often too consumed with daily activities to keep their Facebook pages updated on a regular basis.

With PostPlanner, you can dream up and schedule your organization’s updates days, weeks or even months in advance to ensure that you’re constantly in front of your fans. Whether you’re launching a contest or promoting an event, PostPlanner allows your organization to stay connected without constantly logging in. With PostPlanner’s branded version, you can even add your own icon and link it back to your website or Facebook page.

PostPlanner has recently added two new features to help make your outreach even easier:

  1. Automatically pull the latest content from your favorite blogs and Twitter users.
  2. Discover trending content that is already going viral on various social media sites.

I explain more about PostPlanner in the video above.


PostPlanner: A branded publishing app for Facebook
PostPlanner: Publishing to Facebook make easy

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3 thoughts on “How to automate Facebook content curation with PostPlanner

  1. Any know of any free planning/curation tools out there? We are a 0 budget volunteer led chapter and so anything GRATIS- even if not perfect- helps. Thanks!

  2. content curation is not only super simple and dead easy to implement for people of all skill levels, the social networks you MAY be using right now give you everything you need to do it well.