June 6, 2011

A reality check on social media

by JD Lasica

Social Media for Social Good   It only works when it’s connected to the real world At the National Conference on Volunteering and Service — which some folks call “the Super Bowl of nonprofit conferences” — George Weiner and I teamed up on one of the most successful Social Media for Social Good Bootcamps that Socialbrite has put on to … Continue reading

May 26, 2011

Hope Institute shows how nonprofits can get strategic

by JD Lasica

When nonprofits roll out a social media program, their tendency is to launch a presence on Facebook or Twitter and then treat them simply as new communication or marketing channels. No, no, a thousand times no! Of the 1.5 million charities in this country, perhaps 99 out of 100 go about using social media the wrong way, as a stand-alone … Continue reading

May 11, 2011

How to mobilize your supporters to take action

by JD Lasica

Whether you want to grow your membership, raise funds or loans, recruit more followers, gather petition signatures, find volunteers for your cause or connect with your community, Social Media for Social Good: How to Mobilize Your Supporters to Take Action will offer guidance that will help your organization create impact for years to come. It’s the pre-conference bootcamp that I’m … Continue reading

April 27, 2011

How nonprofit supporters are using their smartphones

by Guest

Last week I presented at the NCTech4Good conference here in North Carolina. Our session, “Mobile for Today’s Nonprofits,” was a combination of recent discussions held at last month’s NTEN conference on the big four of mobile as well as an overview of findings from our recently published whitepaper on consumers’ use of smartphones titled, “A Mobile World: How supporters are using their smartphones, and why you should care.” Continue reading

April 12, 2011

How to activate your organization’s supporters

by JD Lasica

At the conclusion of Socialbrite’s 3-hour Move the Needle bootcamp at Sustainatopia in Miami to help organizations — social enterprises and nonprofits — use social media for social good, I chatted with my partner Sloane Berrent about some of the tips we discussed with participants, including how to find the influencers in your sector and Sloane’s suggestion to create real-world … Continue reading

April 11, 2011

CharityHowTo webinar: How to activate your nonprofit’s supporters

by JD Lasica

We’ve long been admirers of CharityHowTo, the online resource for nonprofits looking to up their game. So it’s fitting that I’ll be joining partner John Haydon as a regular contributor to CharityHowTo’s webinar series — starting tomorrow. Move the Needle! How To Get Your Supporters to Take More Action and Donate More Money ($69.95) is a 90-minute presentation and interactive … Continue reading