February 7, 2013

Dive deeper into Facebook Page Insights

by John Haydon

Facebook Insights provides critical data about activity around your Page and its updates but there are times when you want more insight (pun intended). Find out how to dive deeper and learn more about page-level and post-level data. Continue reading

February 6, 2013

4 kinds of Facebook ad types compared

by John Haydon

Confused by all of the ad types offered by Facebook? Here’s a breakdown of Facebook’s four main ad types plus a breakdown of where each proves most effective. Continue reading

February 4, 2013

19 ways to engage your nonprofit’s Facebook fans

by John Haydon

If you’re like most busy nonprofit professionals, you make your best effort to have an organized content strategy on Facebook. Still, there are times when you get buried with other projects and simply have no idea what to post on your Facebook page. Here are 19 ideas to get your Facebook page humming. Continue reading

January 28, 2013

8 steps to prepare your Facebook page for Graph Search

by John Haydon

With Facebook Graph Search, you combine keyword searches with friends who’ve shared content on Facebook related to that search. Read up on 8 tips to help your organization shine through Graph Search. Continue reading

January 14, 2013

How to get the best results from Facebook promoted posts

by John Haydon

In this video, we’ll explain what you get with Facebook promoted posts — all you’re paying for is an increase in reach. Learn the key to investing your ad dollars wisely. Continue reading