September 4, 2012

Top 15 tools & apps for college students

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Digital tools and mobile apps take productivity to the next level

Editor’s note: With college students now back on campus, we thought this would be a good time to update our past articles on top tools and mobile apps for fall 2012. Thanks to Emily Sawtell and Angela Santiago of McGraw-Hill and Jessica Haswell of the Socialbrite team for their contributions to this roundup.

Target audience: Students, educators, nonprofits, writers, researchers, journalists.

The school year upon us, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite digital tools and mobile apps to start the semester off right. With so many tools on the market to increase productivity, there are bound to be a few to make your life a bit easier.

Tell us in the comments which tools you think should be added to the list. What can’t you survive without?


Wikipanion: Who needs a textbook?

1Who needs a textbook when you have Wikipedia’s brain child, Wikipanion? This app has really high ratings – because it’s simply a great app. You can access open source content on any topic imaginable, an essential tool for any class.


Evernote: A revolution in note-taking

2This app is revolutionizing notes as we know it. Evernote is a mobile and web sync friendly, media-rich note-taking machine. The basic function of the app is note-taking with the ability to add voice, photos, location and tags as well as the option to share with friends. The most exciting feature of this app is the Evernote trunk, which is filled with all sorts of valuable tools that are sure to help you excel in the classroom.

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July 8, 2010

Top 10 Student Tools for Fall 2010

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Digital tools & apps to make learning & college life a bit easier

Target audience: Students, educators, nonprofits, social change organizations, writers, researchers, journalists.

Guest post by Emily Sawtell
Senior Director of Student Innovations, McGraw-Hill

Anumber of tried-and-true and fairly new digital tools are making it easier to for students to get off to the right start this fall semester. At McGraw-Hill’s digital innovations lab, and in partnership with GradeGuru, we’ve been researching some of the top tools for back to school now that the new school year is creeping up on us.

Here’s what we’ve found to be trending this autumn: our Top Ten Fall 2010 Student Tools List.

Skype: Video chat in the classroom

1Traditionally a software app that allows users to make free voice calls to one another, Skype has introduced a group video chat service that’s being used by professors and students to engage in classroom discussions and host virtual office hours.

Google Docs: A complete collaboration solution

2Google applications such as Google Documents, Calendar and GMail have become a standard suite of tools for college students to collaborate – it really hits the spot for group work. Other apps in the suite include Google Talk for chat, SMS for mobile, Blogger to set up a blog, Desktop to index your computer, Scholar to find scholarly works and Picasa to edit and manage photos.

Citation Manager: Making assignments easier

3GradeGuru Citation Manager is a bookmarklet & FireFox add-on that helps students collect and manage citations for papers, essays and assignments. Just highlight the info you want in any online source and Citation Manager will automatically capture the associated citation data from your browser. (Authors and journalists, take note!) It’s a real time saver for course work.

Twitter: New levels of engagement

4Twitter is longer just a social network. Students and academics alike are starting to leverage this network to crowd-source questions, gather research and increase classroom engagement levels.


Studyrails: Focus, focus, focus

5Studyrails is an online study tool that helps with time management by allowing students to schedule their study time and block out access to sites that might distract them.

Chegg: Rent your college textbooks

6The idea behind Chegg is pretty straightforward: Rent textbooks, return them for no additional cost via UPS, and the company plants a tree every time yoiu rent. They offer a 30-day return guarantee.

Study Tracker: Chart your performance

7Study Tracker, the iPad app by GradeGuru, helps students track their class performance. Students can record their study times and grades per class to monitor their effort and outcomes — and adjust accordingly.

Mindmeister: Brainstorming made easier

8Mindmeister is a cool online mind mapping and collaboration tool that will help with your group projects and presentations. (You’ve done mind mapping before, right?) The basic version, for three mind maps, is free. Continue reading