June 6, 2011

A reality check on social media

Social Media for Social Good


It only works when it’s connected to the real world

JD LasicaAt the National Conference on Volunteering and Service — which some folks call “the Super Bowl of nonprofit conferences” — George Weiner and I teamed up on one of the most successful Social Media for Social Good Bootcamps that Socialbrite has put on to date. (Socialbrite has put on camps in New York, San Francisco, Miami, London and elsewhere.)

For those of us who live and breathe tech and social media — me in Silicon Valley and George, CTO of DoSomething.org, in New York and Washington, DC — it’s always a good reality check to come to gatherings like this and see how the non-early adopters are faring.

The three-hour session we led yesterday offered a range of tips on how to use social media strategically for campaigns, for collaboration, for building community, and I invite you to browse through the presentation above, since the attendees found it useful: “AMAZING session” (thanks, Volunteer Centre) … “awesome, fantastic session” (thanks, NCVS) … “Great session!” (thanks, Groupon).

But there were more beginners in the crowd than I expected. For instance, only about five out of 50 particpants were using Google Analytics (the free tool every website and blog ought to have). None had heard of the Grassrootsmapping.org effort to document the Gulf oil spill, even though we’re right here in New Orleans. And only one out of 80 people (not counting me) at today’s session on data had ever used Tumblr, an easy way to post blog entries and photos.

These are good, smart, motivated people — we need to break through the barriers and connect the tools and strategies with the organizations and causes that need them, starting with the basics.

So let’s take a deep breath and remember: We still have a lot of work before us, and there’s a lot of education yet to be done.

May 11, 2011

How to mobilize your supporters to take action

100,000 homes

JD LasicaWhether you want to grow your membership, raise funds or loans, recruit more followers, gather petition signatures, find volunteers for your cause or connect with your community, Social Media for Social Good: How to Mobilize Your Supporters to Take Action will offer guidance that will help your organization create impact for years to come.

It’s the pre-conference bootcamp that I’m putting on with George Weiner, chief technology officer of DoSomething.org, at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New Orleans on Sunday, June 5. If you’re going to NCVS, we hope you’ll join us!

This special 3-hour workshop will dive deeply into strategy, tactics and tools available to volunteer organizations and nonprofit managers. NCVS has no tech track this year, so get up to speed on the mission-critical social tools in your sector.

When & where

When: Sunday, June 5, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Where: New Orleans Convention Center

How much: $99 (If you’ve already registered, we’ll accept payments at the door)

Register: Enter the session identification code 5638 during the registration process. Register now Continue reading

April 11, 2011

CharityHowTo webinar: How to activate your nonprofit’s supporters


JD LasicaWe’ve long been admirers of CharityHowTo, the online resource for nonprofits looking to up their game. So it’s fitting that I’ll be joining partner John Haydon as a regular contributor to CharityHowTo’s webinar series — starting tomorrow.

Move the Needle! How To Get Your Supporters to Take More Action and Donate More Money ($69.95) is a 90-minute presentation and interactive session Tuesday (1 pm ET / 10 am PT) that will explore how to reach a new audience of supporters and turn casual supporters into active evangelists.

Whether you want to raise more funds, recruit more members, gather petition signatures, find volunteers for your cause or launch a full-fledged campaign, this session will offer guidance that will help your nonprofit create impact for years to come.

This webinar will dive deeply into strategy, tactics and tools available to nonprofits and change agents, with the goal of giving you practical takeaways on how to move the needle for your organization or cause. In addition, we’ll look at several practical, down-to-earth examples and case studies you can emulate.

Some of the questions we’ll cover:

  • What strategies & tactics will motivate supporters and newcomers to take specific actions on behalf of my nonprofit or cause?
  • What are the essential elements of a successful nonprofit campaign?
  • How do I use social media to raise awareness and drive action by my community?
  • Which nonprofits are moving the needle? We’ll show you success stories and what these organizations are doing right.
  • How can multimedia and video spur people to take action?
  • What are some of the cutting-edge tools that can be used for social good and to spread awareness?

Click ADD TO CART to take part.

5 bonus handouts

In addition to this live training, you’ll also receive these 5 downloadable handouts and guides at no additional cost:

(1) 12 Steps to Mobilize Your Cause — Summary of all the action items you need to conduct a successful campaign.

(2) 40 Hashtags for Social Good — Use these Twitter hashtags as you tweet for your cause to gain wider visibility and viral help from the community.

(3) 12 Social Action Hubs — Selectively plug into some of these online communities and crowdsource platforms to promote a social cause.

(4) A Mobile Activism User’s Guide — A 16-page guide introducing you to the world of mobile activism and showing you how you can take your organization mobile.

(5) 6 Twitter tips for nonprofits & change-makers — A series of tips to help your nonprofit use Twitter more strategically.

March 10, 2011

3 CharityHowTo webinars worth your while



Sign up to turbo-charge your nonprofit’s social media efforts

JD LasicaSocialbrite’s John Haydon and I are now regular contributors on CharityHowTo.

While Socialbrite offers hundreds of free articles, tutorials and howtos around use of social media for social good, CharityHowTo provides low-cost webinars and training videos to help nonprofits leverage the power of social media and technology.

Here’s a rundown of some upcoming webinars on CharityHowTo:

FB_logoFREE Webinar – 10 Steps To Getting More Out of Facebook For Your Nonprofit
March 14 (Monday), 1 pm ET
Presenter: John Haydon

For nonprofits, the power of Facebook offers an opportunity to promote their cause to close to 600 million active Facebook users worldwide. Thousands of nonprofits use Facebook to find and engage supporters, conduct fundraising campaigns, and spread awareness. This free webinar is intended to help your nonprofit get more results from Facebook. Register now

Move the NeedleMove the Needle! How to Mobilize Your Supporters to Take Action
April 12 (Tuesday), 1 pm ET
Presenter: JD Lasica

Whether you want to raise more funds, recruit more members, gather petition signatures, or find volunteers for your cause, this session will offer guidance that will help your nonprofit create impact for years to come. Register now

Strategic Monitoring: Go Beyond Listening & Take Action on What You Discover
April 13 (Wednesday), 1 pm ET
Presenter: JD Lasica

Your nonprofit likely has a rudimentary listening station set up (Google Alerts, anyone?). But what’s your conversation strategy? What do you do with the actionable intelligence that your monitoring efforts gather? This webinar will provide details to give you the insights, highlight the right tools, and point you to an ongoing strategy so you can master the art of monitoring once and for all. Register now

September 28, 2009

Social media for social action


And a day of workshops devoted to blogging best practices

JD LasicaI‘ll be among the trainers on hand on Oct. 23 for Social Media for Social Action, a day of training and workshops geared especially for Oakland nonprofits and community organizations.

Interested in blogging, Twitter, Facebook & other social media tools for your organization, but not sure how to measure results, plan a campaign, or whether you have the time? Start here: Join us for a day of high-quality, low-cost workshops tailored to your needs.

Look for a full day of workshops led by a team of social media and multimedia experts from Public Media Collaborative, Spot.us, Oakland Local, Socialbrite.org, The Center for IndyMedia and Newsdesk.org.

When: Oct. 23 (a Friday), all day

Where: Tech Liminal, 268 14th St., Oakland (510) 832-3401

Cost: $10; no one turned away for lack of funds

Register: On Eventbrite or purchase your ticket on the Techliminal site

Volunteer: [email protected]

East Bay blogging workshop

The following day, it’s the Return of East Bay Bloggers.

Get together with other East Bay bloggers for a day of workshops, meetups and talk. Learn hands-on skills with multimedia, talk about growing your community, and ponder making money. Join us in knitting our communities together and celebrating individual voices in the East Bay! Continue reading

August 14, 2009

Social Media Innovation Camps

Social media photo

JD LasicaLast year, I was involved in discussions with several organizations — and received a grant from the Center for Social Media — to research a proposal to launch a series of Social Media Innovation Camps around the country (and eventually the world).

In the past year, Social Media Bootcamps have begun to sprout up all over, some of them from marketing organizations, others by well-known public-spirited not-for-profits like Social Media Club, which has been a pioneer in this field, and the series of Europe-based NESTA-funded Social Media Innovation Camps, with plans for a camp in Brisbane, Australia, in March 2010.

Meantime, I recently co-presented a social media workshop for 10 daily newspapers at the Knight Digital Media Center, and I’m giving (with David Cohn) a Social Media Bootcamp for ethnic media publishers at Seize the Moment at San Francisco State on Aug. 28, as well as other workshops later in the year.

With that preface, I’m reproducing here (and taking down from Zoho) a Foundation Proposal that we developed — but never sent to any foundations — so that if any interested parties happen to come across it, you can contact us for more information. I still believe the idea has a great deal of merit (though would revise the project in several areas), and that a series of traveling Social Media Innovation Camps can be especially useful to the nonprofit community.

To: Foundation(s) to be named
Applicant: Socialbrite
Organizations we’ve consulted with on this proposal:
• Center for Future Civic Media at MIT
• Society for New Communications Research
• Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at San Francisco State University
• Social Media Club
• Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University
• Center for Citizen Media
• Media Giraffe Project at the University of Massachusetts
• Center for Renaissance Journalism at San Francisco State University
• Ourmedia.org

Contact: J.D. Lasica (jd at socialbrite dot org)

Duration of project: 1 year, then self-sustaining

Description of project: Nationwide series of educational bootcamps focused on increasing civic engagement through social media. The effort is undergirded by an online community of social media mentors and a resource center for social media, online curricula and peer-to-peer learning.

Geographic area served by project: The plan targets 10 cities and communities in the United States in the first year. We intend to expand after that to Canada, Mexico and Europe after additional funding is secured from corporate sponsors.

Beneficiary groups targeted: Independent and ethnic media makers; NGOs and nonprofits seeking to take up the tools of social media; publishers of citizen media, community news and hyperlocal news sites; college and university educators; K-14 educators involved in traditional schools and in after-school programs; public broadcasters; newspapers and broadcast news organizations seeking to deploy tools that enable community participation; and citizens seeking to contribute to the community.

Continue reading