• jdlasica

    Our colleague Carla says she also likes the photo editing apps Perfectly Clear and Pro HDR (if you shoot high dynamic range images).

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    I’ve been using Photoshop express and Pixlr and i am very satisfied of it’s features, it make my photo editing easier with these kind of tools.

  • jdlasica

    Just read about a great video editor for the iPhone/iPad called Cute CUT.

  • reflexcameraclub

    Hi, I want to tell you if a site for review in vs. Blog. It’s called Pic-Mania: http://www.pic.facebook-mania.com It is a free web based service that requires no registration. A convenient and intuitive interface allows you to operate the online editing of digital photos uploaded to the server. The user interface is in English, but very intuitive and effective. The tools for editing images are many, as are the effects thereon.

  • PolIticks

    I am trying to take out a red hue of an entire picture (not just red eyes) with splashup. I can’t figure out how. Help?

  • http://www.eshade.com image resizer

    Resizr is a online image resizer and picture crop website with lots of extras! Put simply, this image resizer is is easy to use and will help you convert, crop, rotate, or edit your image in no time.

  • damienwordy

    Kestrel GX and Picture! Editor are two other great applications that I use almost every day to edit my photos.
    With Kestrel GX you can edit your photos in just 10 simple steps (It has a wizard-like interface which is perfect for beginners). You can also enhance your images with a wide range of special effects like filters, vignettes, frames, borders, tilt-shift effect amongst others.
    Picture! Editor on the other side is a small and very simple application that will allow you to add filters to your photos. You can use it to enhance the colors in your images, give them a vintage appearance or simply give them a professional editing touch.

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