March 6, 2012

The difference between posting as a brand and posting as a person on Facebook

by John Haydon

When you first log into Facebook, you’re automatically logged in as your profile (you, a person).

On the page (with Posting Preferences selected) – When you go to your page’s admin panel and click on “Your Settings,” you’ll see an option you can select called “Posting Preferences.” Checking this box allows you to post and comment on your page as the page identity even if you are logged in as a profile (see below). Continue reading

March 2, 2012

Facebook Welcome Pages are dead — say hello to Timeline

by John Haydon

We’ll help you transition to Timeline, coming (like it or not) on March 30 Target audience: Everyone. Facebook made the stunning announcement this week that, as of March 30, all nonprofits or businesses will no longer have a Welcome Page (if you had one). Instead, everyone who visits your page will see the new Timeline page with the big cover … Continue reading

February 28, 2012

7 ways to drive Facebook visitors to your site

by John Haydon

One benefit of having a Facebook Page is that once you build up a healthy community, you can start directing them to your website to join an email list, sign a petition, donate or take some other action.

But have you optimized your Facebook Page for this purpose? Continue reading

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February 10, 2012

PostPlanner: Publishing to Facebook made easy

by John Haydon

Target audience: Facebook Page administrators, nonprofits, foundations, NGOs, cause organizations, Web publishers, educators, journalists, general public. What is a good onlilne tool to automate posting to Facebook? There are a few solutions out there, like HootSuite or Seesmic, but the best one I’ve come across is PostPlanner. PostPlanner is a Facebook Page content management tool that allows you to schedule … Continue reading

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February 8, 2012

What Facebook Timeline apps are really all about

by John Haydon

Image by Milica Sekulic The focus is on small actions that are perfect for thumb-friendly mobile devices Target audience: Nonprofits, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises, cause organizations, brands, businesses, mobile app developers, Web publishers, educators, journalists, general public. Last month Facebook announced the release of more than 60 new Timeline apps that allow Facebook users to automatically share application actions on their Timeline. … Continue reading