June 5, 2013

Advocacy videos: Digital storytelling on a budget

by Lauren Major

Looking to produce your organization’s videos in house? Check out our top recommendations for budget-friendly tools with professional outcomes. Continue reading

May 8, 2013

Little Bird: New social tool helps identify potential supporters

by JD Lasica

Photo by Randi Deuro on Flickr (CC BY) New social tool helps organizations identify top influencers Target audience: Businesses, brands, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. Social media has changed not only marketing but search. Today, you need to know who are the top influencers in your sector before you can engage with them and … Continue reading

Category: Tools
April 30, 2013

Tools for e-advocacy: Resources for cause campaigns

by Guest

Advocacy organizations often encourage their grassroots supporters to influence politicians. Here we look at a number of ways eAdvocacy has taken over traditional routes to create the largest impact. Continue reading

April 2, 2013

Mobile apps to get stuff done on the go

by Carla Schlemminger

Smarten up your smartphone with Voxer, EDict & more Want to learn about new mobile apps that got our attention? Sign up for our email newsletter. Twice a month we feature an app that has been personally tested and meets the bar of smart: The app streamlines a task, intelligently delivers information to you or surfaces new insights or it simply helps … Continue reading

March 27, 2013

3 ways nonprofits can use Facebook apps to motivate donors

by Guest

Find out how using third-party apps can help tell your organization’s story and help garner more funds for operations. Continue reading

January 22, 2013

11 free & inexpensive online photo editing tools

by Lindsay Oberst

All organizations need quality images that inspire people to act, but high-quality photo editing software can be beyond a nonprofit’s budget. Read up on 11 web-based photo-editing tools that provide a range of photo editing options at little to no cost. Continue reading