July 20, 2011

6 ways to integrate your nonprofit email list with social media

by John Haydon

Growing an email list and a Facebook fan base for your nonprofit can sometimes feel overwhelming. Sometimes you wish you had only one channel to grow and manage. To help make things easier, following are six ways you can integrate your nonprofit email list with social media. Include follow and fan links in your email template 1If you’re using a … Continue reading

June 28, 2011

Unleash your nonprofit’s fundraising potential

by Shonali Burke

  CauseVox makes it simple for nonprofits to build successful fundraising campaigns online Target audience: Nonprofits, social enterprises, foundations, NGOs, cause organizations, community organizations, small businesses. Iattended the Nonprofit 2.0 conference in Washington, D.C., earlier this month, and it was a great gathering of some of the brightest minds in the nonprofit space with plenty of opportunities to strategize for … Continue reading

June 24, 2011

Find the influencers who matter most to you

by Shonali Burke

There’s a lot of discussion these days around influencers. With the proliferation of social media, it’s no longer just about generating the conversations online, but now it’s also about who’s talking about you and what they’re saying. It can be helpful to keep tabs on those influencers so that you can engage with them, as well as get feedback on your work. Continue reading

June 15, 2011

Challenges to the environmental network

by kiwanja

Earlier this month a group of environmental experts, activists and scientists gathered in Aspen, Colorado, for the 2011 Aspen Environment Forum. Solving – and communicating – the challenges facing the planet was top of the agenda, and I was invited to sit on a panel that focused on the use of social media. There was increasing interest in social media … Continue reading