November 15, 2010

Twitter as a force for social good

by JD Lasica

Most nonprofits and cause organizations look at Twitter as a key ingredient of their social media strategy. But Twitter offers a number of other opportunities for collaboration to advance the social good — many of which you may not know about. Continue reading

October 22, 2010

Video tour of the new, improved Twitter

by John Haydon

As you probably know, Twitter just launched a new version of its website that makes it much more user friendly.

Don’t be afraid to opt into the new interface — you can always go back to the old version. In the 5-minute video above, Continue reading

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September 23, 2010

Saving the world with apps & Twitter

by Sloane Berrent

Former President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative this week. (Photo by Taylor Davidson on Flickr) I’m in New York City this week for a flood of world-changing, global-thinking, innovative and inspiring conferences, meetups and opportunities. I’m also covering much of what is happening on a few different online platforms, plus have some exciting press to share, so I thought … Continue reading

September 5, 2010 Create your own Twitter newspaper

by Jess Haswell

Do you love Twitter‘s serendipity — the cool way it surfaces links that hit just the right spot — but aren’t too thrilled with the free-for-all jumble of tweets that race past you?

Struggle to find the jewels amid the chaos no more: is a fresh new take on Twitter that organizes not just the tweets but the content from the links. The free service assembles the heart of the Twitter content you care about into one graphically pleasing magazine-style layout. Continue reading

July 22, 2010

Klout: Measure your Twitter influence

by Guest

Guest post by Sarah Worsham Sazbean Klout is a measurement tool that gives an idea of your social web influence with Twitter. Their data is used by applications such as Co-Tweet, HootSuite and others. Like Twitalyzer, Klout measures various aspects of Twitter usage and network, but focuses more on how influence and messages are spread via your network. Just because … Continue reading

June 9, 2010

How to auto-follow people on Twitter

by John Haydon

During a recent CharityHowTo webinar about Twitter, folks wanted to learn some tactics to increase their Twitter followers. A simple tactic for new Twitter users is to follow users who are already conversing about topics related to their cause. The theory is that if half of Twitter followers auto-follow in return, you would get 50 new followers simply by following 100 … Continue reading

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