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Kate Moynihan, head of development and communications for San Francisco Goodwill, talks about the organization’s experience with the social strategy developed by Socialbrite.

Socialbrite offers training workshops and strategic consulting services

Target audience: Marketing chiefs and heads of strategy, communications and development at Goodwill agencies.

JD LasicaSince early 2011, has been working with Goodwill agencies to advance their social enterprises through the strategic use of social media.

Socialbrite is an award-winning national consultancy that works only with social enterprises and nonprofits. In the past few weeks, I gave a talk at the United Nations on how to use social media to combat poverty; a workshop at the Nonprofit Technology Conference on how to create a social media strategy; and created the social media track at an international conference on social advocacy organized by Google. I’ve also spoken twice at the Social Media For Social Good conferences organized by the former executive director of the Craigslist Foundation.

The Socialbrite team consists of some of the nation’s best-known experts in the use of social media, and our site offers more than 1,500 articles, tutorials and resources on how to use Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media platforms to advance your real-world goals.

On June 6 I spoke with Brendan Hurley, CFO of DC Goodwill, who described the workings of the Mid-Atlantic Goodwill Industries Coalition (MAGIC), and we discussed the prospect of Socialbrite participating at your October gathering. We could do an educational presentation with case studies of Goodwill agencies using social media effectively, especially on the mission side. Or we could meet with you individually, in person or via phone or Skype.

Here’s some information to help you decide:

Our work with Goodwill agencies

Most of our work to date has been on the West Coast:

• We created a Strategic Social Media and Communications Plan for Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin Counties ($37 million annual budget). See the testimonial from development/communications chief Kate Moynihan in the video at top.

• Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, SF Goodwill’s CEO (who sits on GII’s Board), says this: “JD’s expertise, creativity and collaborative style of working have yielded some major advancements in Goodwill Industries of San Francisco’s social media platform, strategies and impact. Our new website is far more impactful and the analytics on views and usage are excellent. We experienced our highest return in online giving in 2011. Our overall social media plan is well into implementation with outstanding results. On a personal note, JD’s mentoring of me and my executive and senior teams has resulted in building a new network of colleagues, collaborators, and partners committed to advancing our mission. Finally, JD is great fun to work with and I highly recommend him.”

• During our ongoing engagement, we’ve relaunched the website to make it more social and modern.

• We launched two new blogs, Seismic Thrift and Bay Area Impact, and created a Blog Squad to populate them.

• We created a Goodwill Bay Area mobile app for the iPhone and Android devices, covering multiple agencies.

Resources for your Goodwill agency

Social Advocacy Toolkit, with 11 downloadable guides on metrics, monitoring, fundraising tools, best practices, collaboration tools and more.

Socialbrite Sharing Center

Tutorials on Facebook, Twitter, video, fundraising and more.

• Resources on Twitter, Facebook, metrics, monitoring, fundraising and creating media.

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Our services, including training, storytelling production, campaigns and more.

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