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A roundup of resources for grassroots media makers

Here are posts our team and partners have written about tools and techniques to create media. See the Sharing Center for additional resources.

To see these articles with a summary description, browse the Video category.

Media strategy & resources

A step-by-step guide to creating a media strategy

What’s your video strategy to raise funds?

Resources for citizen journalists & researchers

A 13-point guide for creating media

How to prevent against online libel and defamation

Video, multimedia & storytelling

8 great examples of nonprofit storytelling

How to effectively use calls to action in nonprofit videos

Creating compelling advocacy videos for nonprofits

Techniques to add dazzle to your advocacy video

6 ways YouTube is helping out nonprofits

How to make cause marketing video that doesn’t suck

Guide to shooting better online video

A quick guide to multimedia software: Overview of software for multimedia editing & video hosting

Complete guide to creating a video project

How nonprofits should be using visual storytelling Tips on live-streaming events on the cheap

Digital storytelling: A tutorial in 10 easy steps

Digital storytelling: From soup to nuts

Visual storytelling checklist

8 tips to help you shoot video like a pro

6 tips for shooting effective Web video

Mash up a visual story for your nonprofit: New multimedia tools include RockYou, Slide and Animoto

Shoot video for your nonprofit with a digital camera

Create video stories for your nonprofit in 6 steps (video)

An introduction to screencasting

Comparing Terms of Service at video sites Covering social good events: An interview with a grassroots video entrepreneur

Create a video story without a camcorder


6 tips on how to shoot photos like a pro

How to capture great photos on the road

Podcasting, Webcasting & audio

audioBlogTalkRadio: Extend the reach of your nonprofit

How to record & edit a 2-minute audio interview

A quick guide to multimedia software: Overview of podcasting software & hosting

Fixing unbalanced sound levels in your podcast

Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution


Guide to publishing a successful ebook

Self-publishing: Tell your story in print

Turn your nonprofit’s blog into an ebook

Social media: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter

See our wide-ranging series of tutorials on:




Social media

Are you using the right blogging tool? (Offsite — OJR)


Change-makers share 10 of their favorite tools

12 open source tools you should be using

An educator’s top 5 tools for social change

Top 5 tools for the entrepreneurial journalist

A change agent’s top 5 tools for social change

Web 2.0 productivity tools

Resources for citizen journalists & researchers

• Socialbrite articles on social tools, resources & tutorials

Social actions toolset: widgets, plug-ins, apps, tools


How to prevent against online libel and defamation

Model release form: A legal waiver for the subjects of your videos or photo sessions

The rules around capturing public performances

Freedom of information: It’s for everyone

Guide to shooting photos in public

Fair use in the digital age

Comparing Terms of Service at video sites

• For more, see our Citizen media & the law section


How nonprofits can use geolocation

The best-designed social networks on Ning

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