Social media and the PTA

Resources for using social media effectively for your organization

Here are the resources included in the presentation given by JD Lasica at the California State PTA convention in San Jose on May 3, 2013. (JD also gave a workshop at the 2012 PTA convention.)

Contact Socialbrite for information about helping you with your strategy, social media efforts or holding a training bootcamp for your organization.

Here’s a one-page flyer about Socialbrite’s services. Reach JD Lasica by email or call us at 925-600-7641.

Handouts to share with your team

These 5 handouts should already be on the thumb drive you received as part of the conference. Feel free to share these one-page PDFs with your team and colleagues!

  1. Social fundraising tools for nonprofits & causes (also at
  2. 10 free metrics tools for actionable analytics (also at
  3. 10 collaboration tools for your organization (also at
  4. 15 best practices for the Social Web (also at
  5. Socialbrite’s services for educational organizations

Here are 5 additional handouts you may find useful:

  1. 10 social media monitoring tools (also at
  2. Getting the most out of Google Analytics (2 pages; also at
  3. 45 hashtags for social change (also at
  4. 12 social action hubs (also at
  5. 12 steps to a successful campaign

Facebook, Twitter & blogging

Here you’ll find dozens of articles about how to use Facebook, Twitter and blogging for your organization:

Monitoring resources & guides

Guide: Monitoring the Social Web: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Metrics resources & guides

Guide: How to measure social media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Making media resources & guides

Guide: Creating media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Storytelling articles

Guide: Video & storytelling: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Mobile resources & guides

Guide: Mobile: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

More tutorials & resources

Have a question? Contact Socialbrite! Or download our one-page PDF flyer or 9-page informational flyer about Socialbrite.