A roundup of resources for mobile action

Here are posts our team and partners have written about tools you may find useful (most recent at top). See the Sharing Center for additional resources.

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A beginner’s guide to mobile fundraising

How nonprofits can get started with mobile

Why your nonprofit should have a mobile strategy

How to set up an SMS campaign system

7 ways for nonprofits to use mobile phones to raise funds

Top 10 mobile apps for college students

6 ideas to help nonprofits get started on Foursquare

A Mobile Voice: The role of mobile phones in citizen media

20 tips for mobile advocacy: The dos and don’ts of mobile campaigns

A user’s guide to mobile activism (& handout — 16 pages, .doc)

How to set up an SMS campaign system

10 mobile apps for social good (& handout — 1 page, PDF)

A Mobile Voice: The role of mobile phones in citizen media (28 pages, PDF)

Free report: How mobile media can serve the public good

How does mobile giving work?

How are nonprofits using text messaging? Organizations starting to use SMS as powerful tool for fund-raising

Mobile social marketing: How to do it right

Mobile campaign primer (Calder Strategies — offsite)

• Our roundup of free reports and whitepapers on mobile media

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