• jdlasica

    I’ve been using Google Hangout over Skype for video conferences simply because you’re limited to two people on Skype for video chatting. How about other folks?

  • TungSeng

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  • techsoupcanada

    I agree that Hangouts can definitely be useful for nonprofits. For a slightly different angle, here’s a story we posted on our blog last month about a Foundation using Hangouts to connect with their grantees: http://www.techsoupcanada.ca/community/blog/google-plus-hangout-inspirit

  • JoAnnKawell

    I would like to use Google Hangouts for organizational meetings and open-to-the-public panel discussions, but I’m reluctant for two reasons: 1. As far as I can tell, viewers must create a Google account to watch the hangout. This is a barrier for many.  2. I want to be able to collect emails from those who attend (who aren’t already on our list)  without having a two-stage registration.  How do others deal with these problems?

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