Resources to help you Move the Needle!

How to use social technologies to advance your cause or mission

We’ve assembled the following directory of resources for nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, change-makers, activists and political reformers looking to mobilize supporters to take action on your cause.

“Move the Needle” is both a webinar series on CharityHowTo and an in-person bootcamp series. Contact us for information about holding a Move the Needle bootcamp for your organization.

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Most recent CharityHowTo webinar

Move the Needle!: How to get your supporters to take more action and donate more money

presentation slides (PDF download)
5 accompanying handouts

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Deeper dive: Monitoring

We can’t cover all facets of using social media to effect social change in a three-hour bootcamp, so here are resources to help you drill down in specific subject areas.

Monitoring the Social Web: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Deeper dive: Metrics

How to measure social media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Deeper dive: Media

Creating media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Deeper dive: Mobile

Deeper dive: Community

Most recent bootcamp presentation

Move the Needle: How to Mobilize Your Supporters to Take Action (3-hour bootcamp by JD Lasica & Sloane Berrent at Sustainatopia in Miami, April 4, 2011, embedded above)

Additional handouts

The following handouts are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license — you’re free to republish, remix or redistribute them on your commercial or noncommercial site (but cannot charge for them):

Team Collaboration: Tools to help you work with other organizations or your own team members in multiple locations (download PDF; shortcut at

10 Mobile Apps for Social Good: iPhone & Android apps that advance the social good (download PDF; shortcut at

15 Best Practices for the Social Web: The precepts of social media (download PDF; shortcut at

Deeper dive: More resources

Additional readings & resources