United Nations: How NGOs can use social media


Resources to help your organization move the needle

JD LasicaHere are some resources to accompany the talk by Socialbrite’s J.D. Lasica and Shonali Burke at the United Nations on Jan. 20, 2012.

Above is our presentation, How NGOs can use social media to create impact and eradicate poverty.

We’re hoping we can work with some of you:

• to create a social media program or campaign for your organization
• to put on a social media training workshop for your organization
• to offer other Socialbrite services.

Socialbrite offers strategic consulting services to nonprofits, NGOs and social enterprises. Please contact us and let’s discuss!

Sites mentioned in the presentation

Among the sites referenced in this presentation:

Sharing Center: Free social media tutorials, reports, guides to monitoring and metrics tools, media resources and much more.

World Bank: Poverty Reduction & Equity

SendaCow: Vimeo channel

USA for UNHCR Blue Key campaign

charity: water: The story of charity: water video (five year anniversary) and WaterForward campaign and find your charity: water project on a map

How charity: water changes lives through multimedia

Epic Change and its annual To Mama With Love campaign

• 1-to-1 micro-giving and micro-fundraising: Vittana, give2gether, Razoo, Causevox, Kiva, DonorsChoose

• We’re proud that Socialbrite strategist Ken Banks has created a mobile NewsWatch series for National Geographic online, focusing on use of SMS for social good in the developing world.

Frontline SMS mobile case studies

Mobile resources on Socialbrite and get your own mobile calling card at contxts.com

• Follow us on Twitter: @jdlasica, @shonali, @socialbrite

8 handouts to share with your team

It’s no simple task to launch a social media initiative at an NGO. Here are some resources to get you going in the areas of content creation, multimedia, storytelling and related topics.

10 free metrics tools for actionable analytics (also at bit.ly/metricstools)
10 social media monitoring tools (also at bit.ly/10monitoring)
10 collaboration tools for your organization (also at bit.ly/teamcollab)
12 steps to a successful campaign
45 hashtags for social change (also at bit.ly/45hashtags)
15 best practices for the Social Web (also at bit.ly/15bestpractices
12 social action hubs (also at bit.ly/12socialhubs)
10 mobile apps for good (also at bit.ly/10mobileapps)

Articles related to storytelling

8 great examples of nonprofit storytelling
Visual storytelling checklist
How nonprofits should be using visual storytelling
Mash up a visual story for your nonprofit
How to maximize your nonprofit’s impact with YouTube
Create video stories for your nonprofit in 6 steps
Digital storytelling: A tutorial in 10 easy steps
Roundup of resources on how to create media
How to run an effective campaign

Making media resources & guides

Creating media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Mobile resources & guides

Mobile: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Additional resources

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