April 21, 2011

8 great examples of nonprofit storytelling

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  • http://twitter.com/Michael_Hoffman @Michael_Hoffman

    What a terrific post! Thanks so much for putting this together and including some of the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award winners.

    It is clear that video is more important than ever and even small organizations — often thinking they don't have the capacity to do video — have to begin to do it anyway. This is what people are doing online and compelling stories are key to making strong connections.

    For people interested in these kinds of stories, we now have "The Daily DoGooder", a way to get one great nonprofit story in your in-box each day. You can subscribe at http://blog.see3.net/

    • jdlasica

      Thanks, Michael, I signed up for the Daily DoGooder last week.

      Keep up the good work!

  • http://nten.org Annaliese

    What a comprehensive post! A wealth of examples and considerations here. I especially love how you've provided a step-ladder for nonprofits to think about the different types of media and stories they can put to use — from simple snapshots to professionally-produced documentaries. There's no excuse for any organization not to get their story out there in a visual way.

  • http://nonprofitmarketingguide.com Kivi Leroux Miller

    This is fabulous!

    FYI, I moved over to diigo, so this list of bookmarks is a little more updated than the delicious acct you posted:

    • jdlasica

      Kivi, very cool resource, thanks for sharing. I just moved over to diigo too so doubly cool.

  • http://twitter.com/StorytellerBill @StorytellerBill

    This was one of those blog posts that you think you're just going to just glance through, and the next thing you know a good 30 minutes has passed by. Thanks for such a thorough look into this world of digital storytelling.

    Storytelling is so important for any brand or organization, but it's especially so for non-profits that live on the support and involvement of others to stay afloat. People have to be pulled into a non-profit's story and literally and figuratively see themselves in it, believing that their involvement can somehow make a difference. As you point out, multi-media films can do that just about better than anything else.

    JD, at the risk of adding another example to your list, you might take a look at a film for Streetohome, a non-profit in Vancouver that's dedicated to ending homelessness. It's on the home page of their website. http://streetohome.org/


    • jdlasica

      Thanks, Bill, I was hoping some folks would spend some time with these examples.

      I'll likely be jumping into a national project soon to tackle homelessness, so hoping you and others will continue to point to good examples, like the one you mentioned, that spotlight the issue.

  • http://www.YourGrantAuthority.com Betsy Baker

    I love the different "poses" you take regarding compelling video. As a grant writer, I can still appreciate how all of these approaches to storytelling translates into persuasive cases for grant funders to read. Thanks for an insightful article. By the way, I just came across your blog via Kivi's "Mixed Links." I'll be checking you out on a more regular basis. :)

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  • Mike Schoent

    Here are a few more videos I found. All from one company, but different in their approach.


    • http://www.socialmedia.biz/ JD Lasica

      Thanks much for the pointer, Mike.

  • http://www.adroitte.com/ Adroitte

    This is a great list, thank you so much for sharing! Lots of great things to keep in mind.

  • http://www.adroitte.com/ Adroitte

    Very good article! Thank you :)

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  • jdlasica

    Thanks, John. Nonprofits are becoming media organizations (like it or not!) so we need to get grounded on what some of the options are.

    BTW, Socialbrite is getting hit with over 100 spam comments a day now from the spam morons out there, so approving comments is taking longer than usual.