Social Media for Social Good

Social Media for Social Good

How to use social technologies to advance your cause or mission

We’ve assembled the following directory of resources for nonprofits, volunteer organizations, educators, community activists, business people, change-makers and others looking to mobilize supporters to take action on behalf of your cause.

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We can’t cover all facets of using social media to effect social change in a three-hour bootcamp, so here are resources to help you drill down in specific subject areas. Also, feel free to follow up with us if you have any questions!

JD Lasica & George Weiner

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8 handouts — be happy!

The following handouts are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license — you’re free to republish, remix or redistribute them on your commercial or noncommercial site (but cannot charge for them). Please share these with your teams and colleagues! (To download, just click the link and “save as” to your desktop.)

  • 12 Steps to Mobilize Your Cause: Summary of the action items you need to conduct a successful campaign (download PDF)
  • Team Collaboration: Tools to help you work with other organizations or your own team members in multiple locations. (download PDF)
  • 15 Best Practices for the Social Web: High-level principles to help you succeed in social media. (download PDF)
  • 12 Social Action Hubs: Selectively plug into some of these online communities and crowdsource platforms to promote a social cause. (download PDF)
  • 45 Hashtags for Social Change: Use these Twitter hashtags as you tweet for your cause to gain wider visibility and viral help from the community. (download PDF)
  • A Mobile Activism User’s Guide: A 16-page guide introducing you to the world of mobile activism and showing you how you can take your organization mobile. (download doc)
  • 10 Mobile Apps for Social Good: Do-good apps for your iPhone or Android. (download PDF)
  • 6 Twitter Tips for Change-Makers: A series of tips to help your organization use Twitter more strategically. (download PDF) community resources

Online Videos

Deeper dive: Monitoring

Monitoring the Social Web: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Deeper dive: Metrics

How to measure social media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Deeper dive: Making media

Creating media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Deeper dive: Mobile

Deeper dive: Community

Additional handouts

  • How to Set Up a Monitoring Dashboard (download PDF)
  • A Mobile Voice: The Use of Mobile Phones in Citizen Media (download PDF)

Deeper dive: More resources

Additional readings & resources

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