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JD LasicaHere are the resources and pointers to accompany my webinar for Blackbaud Pacific on March 28, 2012. Download the presentation if you’d like. (This is an updated version of the presentation I gave at Blackbaud’s BBCon conference, just outside Washington, DC, on Oct. 4, 2011. The original slide deck is also on SlideShare.) Thank you, Blackbaud Pacific, for your hospitality!

If you need a deeper dive or help with your organization’s social media needs, contact the Socialbrite team. Socialbrite has put on customized Social Media Bootcamps for a large number of nonprofits and performs social media consulting services for clients like Goodwill Industries, Service For Peace and other nonprofits and NGOs.

Sites mentioned in the presentation

For pointers to the sites referenced in this presentation, go to:


It’s no simple task to launch a social strategy at a nonprofit. Here are some resources to get you going. Start with this overview and 12 flyers:

The 7 elements of a Strategic Social Media Plan

12 handouts to share with your team

Please download and share these one-page PDFs with your team and colleagues! (Note: Chrome may not support PDF downloads, so try IE, Firefox or Safari.)

  1. 10 free metrics tools for actionable analytics (also at
  2. 10 social media monitoring tools (also at
  3. 10 collaboration tools for your organization (also at
  4. Social fundraising tools for nonprofits & causes (also at
  5. Getting the most out of Google Analytics (2 pages; also at
  6. Facebook Insights Guide (15 pages from Facebook)
  7. Keyword traffic and top referrers (Excel spreadsheet)
  8. 45 hashtags for social change (also at
  9. 15 best practices for the Social Web (also at
  10. 12 social action hubs (also at
  11. 10 mobile apps for good (also at
  12. 12 steps to a successful campaign

Monitoring resources & guides

Monitoring the Social Web: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Metrics resources & guides

How to measure social media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Making media resources & guides

Creating media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Storytelling articles

Mobile resources & guides

Mobile: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

More tutorials & resources

See our complete list of tutorials on social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more. Visit the Socialbrite Sharing Center for a deep collection of social media resources.

Have a question? Contact Socialbrite! Or download our 9-page flyer: About Socialbrite.JD Lasica, founder and former editor of Socialbrite, is co-founder of Cruiseable. Contact JD or follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.

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  • These four phases are obviously not entirely sequential; there is an overlap between phases 2, 3 and 4. In our strategy, it’s not that hard to define the necessary actions for the various steps. In real life, though, we need to be flexible enough to adapt to consumer needs in a moment’s notice. Once a certain stage is reached, phases 2, 3 and 4 become iterative steps in an eternal loop designed to build reach and create more ambassadors. Conversion Convince with content & interaction Build reach through campaigns Content Touchpoint plan TIME In the next part of this paper, we will dive into the details of each of these 4 steps. | B Conversational

  • I think social media should be something that is utilized later on in the life cycle of a website I think traditional SEO should be utilized first to lay down the foundation then as you gain ground then you can incorporate social media strategies in my opinion to do so early is not effective.

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