Storytelling 2.0: SM4NP presentation

Storytelling 2.0

JD LasicaHere are some resources to accompany my talk at the Social Media for Nonprofits event in Los Angeles on Aug. 22, 2011. (I also spoke at the Social Media for Nonprofits SF gathering on June 29, 2011.) Check out other upcoming SM4NP events.

If you need a deeper dive, contact us. Socialbrite has put on customized Social Media Bootcamps for a large number of nonprofits and given workshops at several national nonprofit conferences.

Sites mentioned in the presentation

For pointers to the sites referenced in this presentation, go to:

Articles related to storytelling

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Vimeo channels for nonprofits

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You asked, we answer

Someone asked what tools we’d suggest for recording video interviews via Skype. Here are a few:

ecamm‘s Call Recorder for Skype is the best of the lot and offers both video and audio recording for Skype on a Mac.

• My colleague Shonali Burke says Pamela for Skype is great for PCs.

Vodburner lets you record video calls via Skype.

VIDBlaster is another option, says Heather Gold. Free trial.

Callburner: My colleague Shel Holtz said this is the hands-down best way to record audio calls on Skype.

Audio Hijack from the cool folks at Rogue Amoeba: For recording voice only. Aaron Hockley gives it a thumbs up.

Other suggestions? Please add in the comments below!


It’s no simple task to launch a storytelling initiative at a nonprofit. Here are some resources to get you going in the areas of content creation, video, community and related topics.

8 handouts to share with your team

The following handouts are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license — you’re free to republish, remix or redistribute them on your site (but cannot charge for them, of course). Please download and share these one-page PDFs with your teams and colleagues!

10 free metrics tools for actionable analytics (also at
10 social media monitoring tools (also at
10 collaboration tools for your organization (also at
12 steps to a successful campaign
45 hashtags for social change (also at
15 best practices for the Social Web (also at
12 social action hubs (also at
10 mobile apps for good (also at

Making media resources & guides

Creating media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Monitoring resources & guides

Monitoring the Social Web: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Metrics resources & guides

How to measure social media: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Mobile resources & guides

Mobile: a collection of resources on Socialbrite

Community resources & guides

Additional resources

Have a question? Contact Socialbrite!JD Lasica, founder and former editor of Socialbrite, is co-founder of Cruiseable. Contact JD or follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.

  • How could you not include Callburner as a tool for recording Skype. I’ve tried all the rest. Callburner is the best. The same company makes Vodburner, which lets you record and edit both ends of a Skype VIDEO call.

    • Hi Shel! I’ve actually not recorded a Skype video call, so thanks for passing along the word about Callburner. I’ll add it to the article above.